Friday, June 18, 2010

The Meet Up

It was an ordinary Saturday for me; I woke up early in the morning just to get my medical done for Thomson Reuters. I have no plans for that day but I told myself that I need to think things over. I only have one person in mind, and it was Aidan (not his real name). I texted him but was not able to get a reply after several hours because he woke up late. Aidan asked me on why I wanted to see him and I just replied that I wanted to see and spend time with him. We both agreed to meet late in the afternoon because he needs to do something and I felt so sleepy.

I woke up at 4:30PM and decided to go to SM Megamall to do my groceries instead. I did not bother to message him because I told him to text me if the meet up is good to go. After I took my shower I received a message asking me if we can just meet tomorrow. I am bit disappointed, but I just messaged him that it is fine and I will just go to the grocery and watch a movie by myself. After that he sent another message, saying sorry and asking me to continue with the meet up. I did not reply because I was fixing myself but he called me on my phone.

Me: “Hello, may I know who are you?”
Aidan: “Si T***** ito. Ako yung nag tetext sa iyo.”
Me: “Hindi kita kilala. I’ll just message you using my sun number. Bye!”

My phone rang again, with the same number.

Me: “Hello? Sino ba ito? Hindi kita kasi kilala.”
Aidan: “Si Aidan ito. Tuloy na tayo mamaya, magkita tayo sa SM Megamall.”
Me: “Ah ikaw pala yan, yun pa kasi ang ginamit mong pangalan eh, eh kilala kita sa Aidan. O sige, magkita na lang tayo dun, samahan mo na lang ako mag-grocery.
Aidan: “Sige, maliligo lang ako. See you. Ingat ka!”

I finished fixing myself and go to SM Megamall. When I was in the bus, I am excited but I felt fear as well, the fear of rejection. I know that this is normal because this is the usual feeling if you are going to a meet a new person in your life. Anyway, I just told him to message me if he is already at the mall because I am going to buy some stuff for myself. He messaged me past 7PM and I was in Watson’s that time buying something. He called me again:

Aidan: “Hello, andito na ako. Nasaan ka?”
Me: “Andito ako sa Watsons, may binibili lang ako saglit.”
Aidan: “Ah okay, saan tayo magkikita?”
Me: “Nasa 2nd floor ako eh, sa Blenz Coffee gusto mo?”
Aidan: “Magtatagal ka ba diyan? Punta lang ako saglit sa 4th floor.”
Me: “Hindi naman, pero sige. Sa Cyberzone?”
Aidan: “Oo, may titingnan lang ako.”
Me: “Alright see you there!”

Before I go to Cyberzone, I decided to go to the comfort room just to check how I looked, bit conscious and of course a bit shy as well. I was standing in front of the mirror and I checked out the guy beside me. I said to myself, he looks familiar. The guy went out of the comfort room and immediately texted Aidan.

Me: “Did you go to the CR?”
Aidan: “Oo, bakit nakita mo na ako?”
Me: “Ikaw ba yung naka beige na shirt, grey na shorts at black na slippers?”
Aidan: “Waaah, nakita mo na ako! Nasaan ka?”
Me: “Actually kanina nasa harapan kita, pero bigla kang nawala. Nasaan ka na ba? Andito ako sa may Globe”
Aidan: “Andito ako sa may Power Mac Center. Nahihiya ako. Nakita mo na ako.”

I walked towards the center just to meet him there and he just passed by me again. Another message sent by me.

Me: “I just passed by you again. I am here standing in the LG Kiosk wearing black.”
Aidan: “Nagpunta ako ng Globe, nasaan ka ba? Ang daya naman, ako nakita mo na.”
Me: “Andito ako sa LG Kiosk, naka suot ako ng black. Gutom na ako ah.”
Aidan: “Nasa memo express ako.”

While I am reading his last message, I saw him walking and I smiled at him. I am really stunned with how he looks. He is a simple guy, moreno, again, he was wearing a beige shirt, a grey shorts and a black slippers. He looks great with his hair, a smile that you wanted to see more and his eyes is gone when he smiles and laughs. (Gosh, his eyes! Waaah!). I asked him if there is Burgoo’s in Megamall and he told me that he is not familiar with it, but he suggests that we go to the directory and check it. The restaurant is not in Megamall so we just decided to eat somewhere else. Sbarro and Kenny Rogers Roasters is the nearest. He told me that he does not like the chicken in Roasters, so we went to Sbarro instead. We are on line when he asked me if we can just eat at Max’s Restaurant, but he said that it may take longer time for the serving because it is a Saturday night. I just agreed but asked why. He told me that he just wanted to eat there because when his family has a special occasion, they usually go there for a celebration.

The restaurant was actually full that time but we still decided to eat there. A table for two placed near the windows. He ordered Max’s Chicken Barbeque, I ordered chicken and fresh lumpia and we also get pancit canton. After minutes of waiting, that is the time that we talked about his work and my work. Just an overview, he is working as a programmer in a prestigious company. Quite interesting but just for privacy, will not give any other details of the place or name. The other things that we talked about is for ours as well, though it is not censored but all I can say is I wanted to know this person more day by day. After eating, he asked me for a movie, Prince of Persia. And I just told him that I saw the movie on its first week of showing with a friend of mine, but accepted his invitation. After he purchased the ticket, I told him that Karate Kid is also showing and that is the movie that I wanted to see. He was looking at me and said “Sorry, hindi ko alam na showing na siya. Yun pala ang gusto mo.” I just smiled and said, “Ayos lang, pwede naman natin panoorin yun next time di ba?” And he just realized that we are walking in the wrong alley of the movie house. The movie runs for about 2 hours but I still enjoyed it. Aside from seeing Jake Gyllenhaal again, I am with someone whom I just me last Saturday and he can definitely crack jokes. In Filipino, "Inaasar niya ako pero nakangiti ako at nag eenjoy ako kasama siya." 

After the movie, I asked if he wanted to go home already, but when we went outside it was raining. We walked and he asked if we can just go to Starbucks to get some coffee. The nearest Starbucks is in the side of the mall but he asked if we can just go to Shangri-La instead. A bit puzzled so I asked him why? And the reason is, “Gusto ko kasi umupo sa couch pero walang available sa branch na ito.” I looked at him and literally checked the shop and yes there is no couch for him. We started walking, and asked him if we can just get the coffee from Seattle’s Best Coffee. He declined with an explanation that he is more familiar with Starbucks so he prefers to get it there tonight. He also told me that his officemates have a scheduled day for Starbucks, and it is every Tuesday. It started just a simple invite and eventually been a habit every week. That is great; I will do that on my new work, so I can enjoy my salary as well!  He got a Tall Mocha Frapuccino while I got a Tall White Chocolate Mocha. We actually did not talked about us, but he usually comment on the people inside and outside the shop. We saw this guy that thinks he is in the beach. A girl and a guy that we thought are siblings but I told him that they get into two different cars. And two guys who sit in front of us, and the other guy is teaching his friend how to speak French. After an hour of sitting in the shop, we decided to go home because he is already sleepy and my energy is also drained. He let me get on a cab and he rode a jeepney home.

I enjoyed the night being with this guy. We might not talk about us but each and every moment that was spent is already a part of a memory. I also noticed, could age be also a factor of this great night that I had experienced? Literally, I have not experienced to date someone who is really close to my age as he do. I know it is too early for me to hope for something better but at the back of my mind, the picture of holding his hands close to mine is great. This may not be as easy at it could be, I can feel that behind his smile and eyes, there is a deeper person that needs to be understood. There are too many questions that I need some answers and these questions can only be answered if I just wait, listen, feel, understand and ENJOY every second that I am with him. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ang Hirap Maging Writer, amptness!!!

May mga pagkakataon sa ating buhay na hindi natin inaasahan ngunit ito ay ating nararanasan. Kung minsan tanggap natin kaagad pero kadalasan ang hirap unawain. Kung dumating man itong pagkakataong ito, maraming decision ka na dapat pag-isipan dahil ang bukas ay resulta kung ano ang pinili mo kahapon. At sa entry na ito, gusto ko mag share ng isang kwento na sana ay inyong magustuhan. Ang mga karakter ay sadyang likha ng aking imahinasyon at hindi sinasadya kung may pagkakatulad sa mga tunay na tao. Patnubay ng magulang ay hindi kailangan! (Hallerrr, baka mas matanda pa kayo sa akin!)

Ang Simula

Isa sa mga sikat na micro-blogging site ang Sheweener at sa site na ito, may mga eksenang hahantong sa di iniaasahang panahon. Laman ng site na ito si Edward, isang lalaki na nag tratrabaho sa isang opisina sa Ortigas, at wala ng ginawa kundi makipag-usap sa mga dayuhang kliyente niya. Dahil si Edward ay sukang suka na sa kanyang pinag-gagagawa sa opisina naisipan niyang mag sign in sa site. At sa pagkakataong ito, nakakilala siya ng mga bagong kaibigan na nagbigay sa kanya ng pansin. Si Alphonse ay isang lalaking mahilig gumamit ng kamera, mag edit ng pictures at ng mga videos. Gumagamit siya ng iba't ibang mga applications para lang magawa niya ang hilig niya. Si Hughes, isang balikbayan na naninirahan sa Europa, na nagbalik Pilipinas upang magbakasyon. Makulit siya sa site, pero appreciated siya kasi hindi siya nakakaasiwa tulad ng iba. Si Winry, ang special frienship ni Edward, tahimik at maganda, may pagkamataray pero nasa lugar. Si Rosalka, ang isa sa mga kinaiinisan ni Edward sa pagiging masyadong eksena sa lahat ng bagay. Si Rubi, ang sikat na prinsesa ng mga tangera na mahilig mag-aya mag-inom pero sa doctor ang diretso. Si Hector, ang kainuman palagi ni Rubi, hindi man siya dumideretso sa doctor pero siya ang sandigan ni Rubi. (Inuulit ko, ang mag react guilty at pikon, ngunit kung ikaw ay nag-enjoy sabihin mo lang sa akin!). 

Rubi: "Kamusta na mga sheewps (Tawag sa mga taong gumagamit ng Sheweener!)"
Hughes: "Magandang umaga Rubi, kamusta naman ikaw at nasaan si Hector?"
Rubi: "Magandang umaga din! Here kinda masama ang pakiramdam. I suka to the highest level with bloody on the side, because I was drunk last night. Hector is fine, I'll ask him to accompany me sa doctor because of my condition."
Hector: "Good morning tol! Kamusta na ang Rubi ko? I love you! (Ayun oh, naks!)
Rubi: "Samahan mo ako to the doctor ah, really sama ng pakiramdam ko. Haiz!"
Hughes: "Dre, gandang umaga. Ingat kayo ni Rubi mamaya ah! Sheewp kayo mamaya ah!"
Hector: "Ligo lang ako, punta na ako diyan. Oi dre, out muna ako need ako!"
Intermission number: Isipin mo na may electric fan na nakabukas tapos biglang tumigil. (Wala akong maisip kaya ito na lang!)

Edward: "Asan na ba yung crush crushan ko dito?"
Hughes: "Crush crushan? Sino naman ito?"
Winry: "Good morning special friendship ko! Ang aga aga Hughes, yan na agad ang tanong mo? Sino nga ba friendship? (tsismosa rin pala!)
Edward: "Ah eh, wala pa ata siya dito. Baka tulog pa.
Rosalka: "I am really so bad, dapat hindi ko ginawa yun!"
Hughes, Winry at Edward: "Huh?!?"
Alphonse: "Rosalka, ayos ka lang ba? Anong problema?"
Rosalka: (Halos parang naka marijuanang sumagot!) Oh your hear, no problem. I just felt I was left behind.
Hughes: "Behind? Bakit may nang iwan ba sa iyo?"
Winry: "Oo nga meron nga ba? Naku umayos ka ah, kundi mauupakan kita!"
Edward: (Walang reaction, gusto ko lang isama yung name niya sa thread)
Alphonse: (Agua mode) Sabihin mo sa akin baka makatulong ako.
Hughes: "Oo nga, lahat kami dito mga ka sheewps (Inuulit ko ito ang tawag sa mga taong nag sheweener, yung pag pronounce hindi ko rin alam!).
Rosalka: "Wag niyo akong pansinin, dapat lang talaga hindi ko ginawa yun kasi nakakahiya."
Winry: "Eh nakakahiya pala bakit ginawa mo pa? Ang eksena mo naman talaga teh!"
Edward: "Good morning Rosalka! Anong nakakahiyang eksena naman ang ginawa mo?"
Hughes, Winry, at Alphonse: "Concern ka kay Rosalka?"
Edward: "Huh? Bakit naman hindi?" "Ah eh ano nga pala yun Rosalka?"
Rosalka: "Ah wala, wala." "Alphonse, may DM ako sa iyo, may gusto lang akong malaman talaga."
Nagpatuloy ang pag-uusap ng mga magkakaibagan. Wala silang pakialam sa DM nila Rosalka at Edward.

Ang DM.
Rosalka: "You know what I am really wanted to talk to you."
Alphonse: "Any problems?"
Rosalka: "I need to say something."
Alphonse: "What?"
Rosalka: "I am enjoying talking to you in the site. Everytime you are there, it's like heaven."
Alphonse: "Am really confused, what do you mean?"
Rosalka: "Um, kasi ewan ko, basta. Sorry, mag unfollow na lang ako siguro para walang problema."
Alphonse: "Are you saying you like me?"
Rosalka: "Yep, I like you pero meron ka bang ibang nagugustuhan?"
Alphonse: "Sa totoo lang meron, pero hindi pa niya alam kasi nahihiya din ako."
Rosalka: "Ah ganun ba, pwede ko bang malaman kung sino?"
Alphonse: "Si... Si... Si Edward." 
Rosalka: "Oh okay, I am happy for the both you!"
Alphonse: "Balik na tayo sa main street"

Ang Pagbabalik
Edward: "Hey Winry, wala kang picture. Anong nangyari?"
Winry: "Meron akong picture, bakit hindi mo makait?"
Alphonse: "Hello sa inyong lahat, kamusta Edward?"
Edward: "I am doing great Alphonse, ang tagal mong nawala ah."
Alphonse: "Ah kasi kausap ko lang si Rosalka kanina."
Rosalka: "Hi to all. Kamusta kayong lahat ulit. Bumalik na ako dito!"
Hughes: "Oi nagusap sila? Anong meron sa inyong dalawa?"
Winry: "Hi Rosalka, oh ano naman daw pinag-usapan niyo ni Edward?'
Edward: (Kuliglig factor ulit)
Rosalka: "Ah eh, wala wala. I am really jealous."
Hughes: "MMMMEEEE GGGAAANNNUUUNNN? At kanino ka naman nag seselos?" 
Rubi and Hector: "Kamusta kayo, anong meron ngayon dito?
Winry: "Ah wala naman, nagseselos daw ang Rosalka. Sino kaya yun!"
Rubi: "Ah talaga, well dapat nating pagusapan ito." 
Hughes: 'Tama, tama! Eh sino nga ba? May alam ka din ba Edward."
Edward: "Naku Hughes, wala eh. Pero basta alam ko may gusto rin ako."
Rosalka: "Wag niyo ng alamin, kasi may gusto naman siyang iba."
Hughes, Winry, Rubi and Hector: "OMG, grabe naman yan!"
Alphonse: (sa hindi malamang pagkakataon bigla nag press release) "Alphonse likes Edward"
Hughes: "Nakita kaya niya ito?"
Winry: "Am really happy for you sweety friendship!"
Rubi: "Serious na ba ito?"
Hector: (Siya naman ang may crickets)
Rosalka: "Again, I am left behind!"
Edward: "Kailangan nating mag-usap Alphonse!"

Sa sobrang haba ng blog entry na ito. Sa susunod na ang kasunod, antayin niyo ang mga aral ni KEVINITO! hehehe.. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jealousy, a definition and story

Being jealous for me is normal even though it is defined as a negative feeling of insecurity or anxiety towards a nearing loss of someone you valued. This is feeling is usually related to human relationship which may start when we are still young. According to an article I read, jealousy is composed of a jealous individual, a partner and third party who means that it involves three people and the reaction is usually related to the feeling of being threatened. This feeling involves aversive emotions and/or protective behaviors coming from the jealous individual.

I had felt this feeling several times, but I learned to manage it because experienced taught me how to cope up. It is not easy at first to accept that you are jealous, because you do have this pride of saying “Haleer, bakit ako magseselos, sino ba siya?” but deep inside you are saying “Paksheet naman oh, ano bang meron ako ng wala siya?”. This is a fact, because I for once had experienced saying those words. I would like to share a recent experience that I encountered, but I will not mention names to protect these people (ang mag-react guilty, ang tumanggap winner!). I would like to use some code names so at least I will not over use the word guy and I will share my story in Filipino so it will more enjoyable to read! Here are the cast:

Pilipinas – isa siyang echusero                Violet – Bago lang sa cyber world
Fitness – Ang dakilang pinagselosan        Kumander – Ang nagselos

Linggo ng gabi, walang magawa ang apat na cast kundi ang mag Twitter.

Echusero: “Bakit mo pinalitan ang profile picture mo?”
Fitness. “Kasi hindi bagay, mas gusto ko itong isang picture.”
Violet: “Wala naman akong napansing pagbabago, nagpalit ka ba ng picture?
Echusero:“Ay, oo kanina nag palit siya ng picture.”
Violet: “Patingin naman ng picture mo kanina?”
Fitness: “Nakita mo na?”
Violet: “Hey, already seen it. Cute guy and nice body talaga. Keep up!”
Echusero: “Uy Violet, ano tingin mo kay Fitness? Panalo ba?”
Violet: “I appreciate Fitness’s body and looks. Yun lang ang press release ko wala ng iba.”
Kumander: “Ayoko sa lahat ang mang-aagaw!” (Eksena toh, sorry no pansin!)
Violet: “Hey Fitness meron ka bang Churvabook account?” (Kiver talaga oh!)
Kumander: “Wala siyang CB, Twitter account lang” (Ito ang like factor ko! Kabog!))
Fitness: “Wala eh, binura ko na last November!”.
Violet: “The night is falling fast. And maybe being "ECHUSERO" is not my personality as well. Just felt something like a clash inside this cyber world.” (Syempre hindi siya manhid para hindi makaramdam!)
Kumander: “Nawalan na ako ng gana mag tweet will wait for Fitness”
Fitness: “GOT to GO, may problem ata kami ngayon.”

Ilang oras ang nakalipas, walang reaction na nangagaling mula kay Violet o kay Echusero. Hindi mawari ang pakiramdam ni Echusero dahil busy siya that time, pero si Violet, alam niya ang dahilan. As you can read, Kumander is jealous of Violet which was aggravated by the questions of Echusero which Fitness is not aware because this is just a normal conversation. Violet had been very objective in this case, there are different conversation that is happening aside from this but he keeps his mouth shut because he feels that someone is hurting. After several hours, he asked Kumander again to confirm his feelings and yes it is true, he was jealous of Violet.

We really cannot determine on why Kumander is jealous of Violet and Violet is not interested of knowing the reasons because it does not make any sense. I do believe that Violet had been very sensitive in this issue, he fairly understand that Kumander likes Fitness so much and Violet impost as a threat to that relationship. This will also fit to our definition that it involves 3 person (Kumander, Fitness and Violet) and it feels to be threatened (which in this case in the human relationship). The only advise that I can give, relationship should be built in trust and from this trust everything will be okay. Jealousy is good but if it reaches a certain level it will eat you up as hell. Be very transparent and learn to talk because communication will also be a good part of a lasting relationship! Kudos guys, comments please!